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The Wine Club at Jim Ball Vineyards is very simple:  All Members  get 20% off all purchases of a case or more, 10% off all orders of less than a case, are first in line for availability of their desired allocation year after year, and are guaranteed that their allocation is shipped at the same time year after year at the same discount.  Members simply choose what vintage and label that they want and choose from the Release Date Options below, provide us with their address and credit card information, and the allocation will be shipped as requested and the card will be charged with no further effort. Vintages and labels can be mixed and matched subject to availability.  Since each of our wines is produced in varying, limited production, not all of our wines may be available to all Members. For example, our les Pintades wines are produced in extremely small quantities, which limits our ability to allocate them to all Members, even if a Member received our other wines.  Members' allocations are based on date of enrollment and purchase history.

Membership is free.  And any Member can view and change their allocation preferences on-line at any time.  We just ask that changes not be made later that 2 weeks before the allocation is set to ship and the card is set to be charged.  We will send out email reminders at least 1 month before Release Dates so no one is surprised.  Its Free, its easy, its convenient, and its all on-line.  Just go to "Join Our Club" under "The Club" tab to join and follow the easy instructions. Or log in to "Club Member Log In" to check or change your status.  Standard shipping rates apply.

Also please note that New Wine Club Memberships are based on availability - those who miss out because the Wine Club Allocation is sold out will be put on the waiting list for future allocations, when available, in the order they apply.

Release Date Options – choose from one or more of the following delivery dates when you want your wine delivered:

  • February 1
  • May 1
  • October 1
  • December 1

Remember:  Your discounted automatic order status will “roll over” to the next year, every year, unless you wish to make changes and let us know. (Requests for increases in case orders are subject to availability.) So your order and “place in line” are preserved from year to year! And to make everything convenient, you will receive an e-mail about a month before your credit card is charged and your wine is shipped. Plus, you will always be in line for the first choice of new releases.

Thanks and Cheers!

Jim Ball

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